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Innovation, Storage, Clean and Renewable .

Our vision at Senergy Direct is to provide residential and commercial property owners an impeccable service from sale to installation of energy saving products. We understand every homeowner consumes energy in a different way and has individual needs, therefore we are constantly researching and studying new ideas and technology to add to our range of products and services.

Moixa Smart Battery

Moixa leads the world in smart battery technology and we are pleased to be an approved Moixa retailer.

For more information on Moixa products please contact us and we can send you a brochure.

Zanussi Boilers

Up to 10 year parts and labour warranty available. With boiler frost protection built-in and easy to use filling loop. This boiler has a simple diverter valve design and two stage flame sensing for greater reliability as well as having the latest generation Honeywell gas valve. Fully modulating operation to low outputs and automatic bypass.. This boiler is ErP compliant.

For information on our Zanussi boiler product range contact us on 0800 193 0944.

Solar PV

Photovoltaic (or PV) cells convert the energy in sunlight directly into electricity which can be immediately used, stored in batteries (Better ROI) or exported via an export meter to the energy supplier. Systems consist of photovoltaic panels mounted in an array, (generally on the roof) an inverter to covert the direct current produced by the solar cells to alternating current and either a battery bank, connection to the consumer unit, or export meter to calculate the amount of energy exported to the grid..


Thermodynamic technology is the most innovative way to generate hot water for your home. The technology has come on significantly since the turn of the century.

For information on our Thermodynamic product range contact us on 0800 193 0944.

Memberships and Partners

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