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We have helped businesses all over the UK  save on their energy bills and improve their green credentials with renewable energy. Book a free survey today and see how much your business could save.


Why not join the thousands of other businesses that have saved money on their electricity bills by installing their own solar panels.

With energy prices constantly on the rise why not look at ways in which you can be more in control of your costs by generating your own electricity. Some of our commercial customers have more than halved their electricity bills this year.

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Commercial Solar


Senergy Direct have been implementing renewable products for over 7 years and are experts in designing and installing solar PV systems. Why not give us a call, or pop your details in to request a free survey above. One of our customer service team can talk you through the process and explain the benefits to you in more detail.

If its right for you, we will arrange a survey before providing you with fully costed option and possible energy savings.

Our Latest Installation

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Commercial solar
Commercial Solar

How Can Renewable Energy Help Your Business?

The latest AI powered solar technology enables you to automatically create and store the solar energy that you generate, when you don’t need it, saving you even more on your electricity.

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Got Solar PV? Save more with Battery Storage

Did you know that if you do not use all the electricity generated by your panels you can save it to solar batteries for use when you need it most. This could be used when there isn’t any daylight and solar panels are no longer producing electricity, further reducing your ongoing business energy costs.

Your solar panels can create an outstanding amount of energy for you. But, if you do not use this energy it is often just flowed back into the grid. Battery storage changes this. Your energy is stored and used when you need it most, allowing you to make the maximum savings from your solar energy system. This is a great step towards energy independance and cuts your reliance on the energy companies.

There are lots of different options to choose from when picking the ideal battery storage for your home. Get in touch for a free quote and we can talk you through the different options to find the best fit for your and your home.


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