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Certified Sigenergy Installers

Senergy Direct is a proud Certified Sigenergy Installer in the UK, demonstrating our expertise in deploying Sigenergy’s advanced energy solutions. Our certification ensures that installations of systems like the SigenStor meet the highest standards of efficiency, reliability, and intelligence, providing optimal energy savings and sustainability for our customers.

Additionally, Senergy Direct is a HIES Accredited Member, highlighting our commitment to consumer protection and quality assurance. This accreditation, along with other industry-leading qualifications, ensures that our customers receive superior service and comprehensive protection plans, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted provider in the UK’s renewable energy sector.

How Can Senergy Direct & Sigenergy Battery Storage Help You?

The latest battery storage technology from Sigenergy enables you to automatically store, trade and swap the solar energy that you generate, when you don’t need it, giving you fantastic savings on your electricity.

With 1000s of renewable energy installations here in the UK you are in safe hands for your battery storage installation.

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Why Sigenergy Battery Storage

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Sigenergy SigenStor. This AI-optimised 5-in-one energy storage system is designed to meet the growing demand for smart, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions in homes across the UK.

Launched in 2022, Sigenergy has quickly become a leader in clean energy innovation. The SigenStor integrates a solar inverter, EV DC charger, battery power conversion system (PCS), battery pack, and energy management system (EMS) into a single, seamless unit. This all-in-one system ensures that UK homeowners can maximise their energy efficiency and independence.

Sigenergy’s SigenStor is not only about integration but also about intelligence. The AI-optimised system uses advanced algorithms to manage and distribute energy effectively, providing a tailored energy plan that boosts cost savings and enhances sustainability. With its modular design, SigenStor allows for scalable capacity, making it adaptable to varying energy needs and future expansions. Its direct DC power use from solar panels and batteries enables 100% green power charging, and its V2H (Vehicle-to-Home) and V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) capabilities make it a future-proof choice for modern households. Experience the confluence of advanced technology, safety, and sustainability with Sigenergy SigenStor, and join the movement towards a greener, more independent energy future.

Sigenergy SigenStor

Sigenergy SigenStor Battery System


Revolutionary 5-in-One System

  • Integrated Solution: SigenStor combines a solar inverter, EV DC charger, battery power conversion system (PCS), battery pack, and energy management system (EMS) into one cohesive unit, simplifying energy management for homeowners.

AI-Optimised for Efficiency

  • Advanced AI Integration: Utilises AI algorithms to optimise energy usage, offering tailored energy plans that maximise cost savings and enhance sustainability.
  • Self-Evolving System: Features machine learning capabilities that allow the system to continuously improve its performance and adapt to changing energy needs.

Scalable and Modular Design

  • Flexible Configuration: The modular and stackable design allows for scalable capacity, accommodating different energy requirements from 5 to 48 kWh per stack.
  • Quick Installation: Designed for easy installation with guided quick connectors, reducing setup time significantly.

Future-Proof Capabilities

  • V2H and V2G Ready: Supports Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities, allowing homeowners to use their electric vehicles as an additional energy source for their homes or to feed power back into the grid.
  • 100% Green Power Charging: Enables direct DC power use from solar panels and batteries for completely green energy charging.

Enhanced Safety Features

  • Comprehensive Protection: Includes five-layer battery safety protection, IP66 protection rating for exceptional durability, and multiple system boot-up sources to ensure uninterrupted usage.
  • Human Safe Voltage: Operates at a safe voltage of less than 36V, ensuring user safety during operation.

Smart and Sustainable

  • Energy Independence: Provides reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy storage solutions, helping users achieve greater energy independence and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Global Expertise: Backed by Sigenergy’s extensive R&D team and global presence, ensuring cutting-edge technology and robust support.

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