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It could not be easier to get a quote for the latest Hanchu Battery Storage systems with Lux Power Inverters from your local certified Installer.  Simply answer these few questions and we’ll be in touch with your quote and possible installation dates.

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As you can see from the video, the official distributor for Hanchu and Lux Power products here in the UK explains how much training and ongoing learning we complete on this product range to ensure we are top of our game and our installers know everything there is to know about the Hanchu and Lux Power product ranges.

This allows us to offer the best possible service and support for these brands here in the UK.  Join our happy customers and get a quote today.

How Can Senergy Direct, Lux Power & Hanchu Battery Storage Help You?

The latest battery storage technology from Hanchu along with the world famous Lux Power inverters enable you to automatically store, trade and swap the solar energy that you generate, when you don’t need it, giving you fantastic savings on your electricity.

With 1000s of renewable energy installations here in the UK you are in safe hands for your battery storage installation.

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Why Lux Power & Hanchu Battery Storage?

We are your local certified Lux Power Installer and Hanchu Battery Storage experts.  With 1000s of battery storage installations under our belt, we are the go-to company for all of your Lux & Hanchu requirements.  We are here to help, advise and install the perfect system for your home and energy usage.

But why do we invest so much time into our knowledge of these brands I hear you ask! From years of experience we have seen the quality and reliability of the Lux Power and Hanchu batteries and inverters. We have installed these products in 1000s of homes all over the UK and have seen amazing results, saving us customers thousands on their energy bills and making a real difference to the environment.

Today, there are over 50,000+ Lux Power systems installed all over the world, and the list is growing.  Join the ever-growing number of customers saving today, it could not be easier.  Start your quote now

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