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Givenergy All In One Battery System

Certified Givenergy Installers

Senergy Direct is a proud Certified Givenergy Installer in the UK, demonstrating our expertise in deploying Givenergy’s advanced energy solutions. Our certification ensures that installations of systems like the “All In One” meet the highest standards of efficiency, reliability, and intelligence, providing optimal energy savings and sustainability for our customers.

Additionally, Senergy Direct is a HIES Accredited Member, highlighting our commitment to consumer protection and quality assurance. This accreditation, along with other industry-leading qualifications, ensures that our customers receive superior service and comprehensive protection plans, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted provider in the UK’s renewable energy sector.

How Can Senergy Direct & Givenergy Battery Storage Help You?

The latest battery storage technology from Givenergy enables you to automatically store, trade and swap the solar energy that you generate, when you don’t need it, giving you fantastic savings on your electricity.

With 1000s of renewable energy installations here in the UK you are in safe hands for your battery storage installation.

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Why Givenergy Battery Storage

Explore the eco-friendly innovations of GivEnergy, a premier UK Battery Storage brand, with Senergy Direct. The GivEnergy range features industry-leading solutions, including the All In One with its integrated battery inverter, touch-safe design, and real-time energy monitoring capabilities.

Designed for optimal heat management, GivEnergy batteries guarantee extended longevity and exceptional resilience. Utilize the comprehensive web portal for in-depth data insights and customized configurations. With a simple tap on the app, you can remotely monitor and manage GivEnergy devices for seamless energy control.

Powered by advanced LiFePO4 technology, GivEnergy batteries provide top-tier safety for security-conscious households, ensuring reliable power for all your needs. These durable batteries support up to 100% depth of discharge, offering maximum capacity and uncompromised performance. The “All In One”, even with its compact size, delivers exceptional energy output, featuring a standard 13.5kWh capacity from a single battery. Senergy Direct invites you to adopt sustainable energy solutions with GivEnergy battery systems and Solar Panels.

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