Green Homes Grant

Did you know the UK government have included Air Source Heat Pumps in the Green Homes Grant list of energy saving products?

You can make your make your energy bills cheaper and your home warmer this winter with the governments Green Homes Grant and Senergy Direct.  An Air Source Heat Pump is a much more energy efficient way to heat your home than a traditional boiler.

This is both more environmentaly friendly and cheaper to use and now the government is offering to pay up to £10,000 towards the cost for your home as part of the Green Homes Grant.

It couldn’t be easier to apply for your Green Homes Grant.  Pop your details in to take the first steps today.

Apply now for your Green Homes Grant scheme to save on your energy bills whilst funding is still available

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How do I apply for a Green Homes Grant?

It could not be easier to apply for a Green Homes Grant and get funding for your Air Source Heat Pump.  We are here to help guide you through the process that will make your home a greener and much more energy efficient place to live.