Growatt SPA3000 + 6.6kWh Battery Storage Bundle

The Growatt 3kW AC Coupled Inverter + x2 LV 3.3kWh Battery.  This AC-coupled storage can offer a number of advantages such as flexibility of installation and also future upgrades or changes to either the solar or storage system. With Growatt AC-coupled storage, system upgrades or changes are more flexible and can be realised at lower future cost and risk.

The Growatt 3.3 kWh Batteries can be added on to make a system with a maximum of 6 batteries, giving a maximum of 19.8 kWh.

Add EXTRA 3.3kWh batteries (max 5 batteries) to meet your storage configuration.

Why Growatt?

Growatt’s innovative approach is evident in their diverse product line, especially in the Growatt Battery Storage units, renowned for their affordability and superior quality. Their expertise extends to producing PV inverters designed for varied installations, including on-grid, off-grid, and integrated storage systems. These products, particularly the Growatt Battery Storage systems, are widely used in both household and commercial solar projects around the world. Growatt systems are equipped with advanced features like comprehensive monitoring control, the convenience of remote firmware updates, and customizable settings for different sites. In addition, Growatt’s commitment to customer service is demonstrated through their proactive outcall technical support, ensuring reliable performance of your solar setup. Growatt makes it possible for everyone to embrace environmentally friendly energy solutions with ease

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Key features:

  • Modular – from 1 to 6 3.3kWh batteries can be connected.
  • Remote Upgrading
  • Real time monitoring
  • Seamless automatic switch over – 0.01s
  • Smart export control on both AC & EPS output
  • Max Charge & discharge rate of 3000W
  • 10 years warranty
  • Quite operating noise levels – less then 25bB
  • On & Off grid capability
  • UK technical Support & training

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