Lux ACS 3600 + 18.8kWh Hanchu Battery Storage Package

This modular system can have from 1 to 8 Hanchu batteries can be connected and with Remote Upgrading and Real time monitoring it is clear why this is such a popular package.

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This package  comes with:

  • 1 x Lux Power LXP ACS 3600
  • 2 x 9.4kWh Hanchu battery
  • 10 year warranties for Lux and Hanchu
  • Full installation and commissioning
  • Online monitoring
  • 1 year workmanship cover

Free advanced monitoring:

The Lux Power energy monitoring system can be accessed via a Web hub or phone apps. This allows the customer to view their system performance and also set various Charge & Discharge time settings from anywhere in the world.

Remote maintenance:

Lux Power prides itself not only on quality but future development and maintenance. With the monitoring in place Lux Power can access any of their hybrid solar inverters to perform software updates without the hassle of calling out a solar electrician or someone to conduct solar inverter repairs.

The HANCHU 9.4kWh Battery

This is the only domestic battery to us Blade technology for the Lithium cells. Only Blade technology passes every global safety standard, you can google it for evidence of this. In addition this is 40% lighter, and 40% smaller than other Lithium cell technology. Lastly this particular unit is the safest ever developed. Each one has an internal capsule which will explode if critical temperatures are detected, such as a house fire, flooding the battery with a protective coat to ensure it cannot combust or that the chemical reaction which results in burning for many days will not happen. The battery will need to be replaced, but it is a safety feature which protects any additional safety problems should the property have a fire.

Like with all Hanchu units they are fully monitorable through the Hanchu app for future updates or technical support. We will send information on these new batteries shortly.

Hanchu 9.4kW Lithium Battery Key Features:

  • Hanchu 10 Years Battery Warranty.
  • 95% DOD
  • Modular – 1 to 8 Batteries Per Lux Controller
  • Blade LFP Technology
  • 40% Lighter and 40% Smaller than non-Blade tech lithium batteries currently on the market
  • Due to its safety characteristics, High energy density and lightness this technology was primarily used in the automotive industry until now
  • Dip switches no longer necessary on these batteries, due to the battery being a smart device, they have automatic address recognition making them a true plug and play device
  • 100A Rapid Charge & Discharge
  • Low Temperature Tolerance
  • Creative IOT and AI technology based smart platform for online configuration, monitoring, operation and upgrading services
  • Advanced fire protection technology in each battery
  • Multiple levels of built in safety devices and protocols to protect the battery, the transporter, installer and end user
  • Built in 100A Circuit Breaker
  • Online Monitoring independent of the inverter
  • Free Future Firmware Upgrades
  • Floor & Wall Mounted
  • Enclosure is IP65 Rated
  • Touch sensitive LCD display, giving you visual information and assurances on its performance
  • Weight – 72Kg
  • Low Voltage
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 430 x 150 x 800mm

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