4.5kw Solar & 6.5kwh Battery Storage Package

It couldn’t be easier to save with renewable energy. Get everything you need, fulled installed by our team of certified installers. This package includes X10 Aiko 450w Solar Panels with Growatt 6.5kwh Battery Storage fully installed and ready to create and store your energy, saving you £££s on your energy bills.

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Our 4.5kw Solar & 6.5kwh Battery Storage Package comes with X10 Aiko 450w Solar Panels with Growatt 6.5kwh Battery Storage fully installed and ready to create and store your energy, saving you £££s on your energy bills.

Introducing the Aiko Monocrystalline N-type ABC – Black Hole Series, model AIKO-A-MAH54Mb Solar Panels, a cutting-edge solar panel that embodies the perfect blend of efficiency, durability, and advanced technology. This solar panel is an exemplary choice for both residential and commercial applications, offering a seamless blend of high performance and aesthetic appeal.

With an impressive efficiency of up to 23.6%, and a robust power output ranging between 445W to 460W, the AIKO-A-MAH54Mb Solar Panel is designed to maximize energy production. The panel boasts a high panel rating of 450W, ensuring you get more energy per square foot. This is particularly significant for users with limited space who need to maximize their energy harvest.

The product is engineered to withstand system voltages of up to DC1500V, highlighting its compatibility with a wide range of solar power systems. Its dimensions are thoughtfully crafted, measuring 1,722 mm in length, 1,134 mm in width, and a sleek 30 mm in depth, making it a perfect fit for various installations.

For ease of installation and reliability, the AIKO-A-MAH54Mb comes equipped with a 1.2m cable and a high-quality Staubli MC4 EVO2 connector. These components ensure a secure and efficient connection to your solar system. The panel’s electrical specifications, including a VMPP of 33.7 V, an IMPP of 13.36 A, an Isc of 13.92 A, and a Voc of 40.7 V, are optimized to deliver consistent and reliable power output.

Durability is a key aspect of this solar panel. It weighs 20.5 kg, signifying a robust build, yet it’s designed for easy handling and installation. The clamp position on both the long and short side of the panel provides additional installation flexibility.

What truly sets this product apart is its extended warranty period, offering a 15-year product warranty and an impressive 30-year performance warranty. This commitment to quality assures you of a long-lasting and reliable energy solution.

The Aiko Monocrystalline N-type ABC – Black Hole Series is not just a solar panel; it’s a long-term investment in sustainable energy. Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, cut down on electricity bills, or invest in a renewable energy future, the AIKO-A-MAH54Mb is an ideal choice that promises efficiency, reliability, and unmatched performance.


  • Up to 23.6% Efficiency 445W-460W
  • Maximum System Voltage: DC1500V
  • Panel Rating (450W) Efficiency: 23%
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Connector: Staubli MC4 EVO2
  • Product Warranty: 15 Years
  • Performance Warranty: 30 Years

Weight: 20.5 kg
Rated Power: 450 W
Length: 1,722 mm
Width: 1,134 mm
Depth: 30 mm
VMPP: 33.7 V
IMPP: 13.36 A
Isc: 13.92 A
Voc: 40.7 V
Temp. Coefficient (Mpp): -0.29 %
Clamp position on panel: Long and short side
Connector Type: MC4
Efficiency: 23.0 %

Growatt 6.5kwh Battery Storage

Growatt uses lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, which is one of the most reliable, safe and long-lasting lithium battery technologies available. The module can be purchased individually to expand a previously installed rack. It’s not a stand-alone product.

A total of 2 batteries can be put together (total of 13 kWh). A BMS system controls and monitors batteries effectively and safely.

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